Who we are

Commencing operations in Queensland in 1990, in response to major shippers who were seeking an alternative to the more traditional freight distribution process, XL Express have since expanded to include operations in all mainland capital cities and regional hubs. We have continued to develop a combination of company facilities and regional agency networks which provides an independent Australian-owned transport and logistics solution on a truly national basis.

To ensure a seamless distribution system, XL Express has terminals in all mainland capitals and major regional centres. A comprehensive network of agents further complements our regional distribution requirements, ensuring complete nation-wide coverage and providing a competitive advantage with regards to service in regional areas.

XL Express provides the most comprehensive independent network in Australia. This allows us to provide a real alternative to the multi-national carriers.

Our privately-owned business has been designed to cater for the needs of major shippers only. Since we only partner with major customers, our ability to focus on specific client needs is significantly improved. Through these partnerships, we have developed operational systems and procedures that deliver consistency of service, high levels of communication, reliable information flow, and cost compression.

XL Express is Australia’s only seamless break–bulk transport and logistics company.