Why choose XL Express?

Our proactive approach to monitoring, not only in the field of account management, but also in the reporting of information at a State level to clients based on transit schedules, is what positions XL above the standard when it comes to the management process. These reporting functions allow us to continually evolve with our customers.


Our approach to the movement of freight via the deconsolidation method offers the shipper a unique opportunity to achieve service levels unavailable from traditional carriers.


Under the deconsolidation concept, freight is consolidated and palletised by State, securely wrapped and shipped intact. The freight is then deconsolidated in the receiving State’s redistribution facility just prior to delivery. This process minimises the opportunity for split deliveries, damage and misdirections.

Reduced damage through reduced handling

Reduced opportunities for misdirects and split deliveries

Flexibility in management due to independence and therefore ability to adapt to client needs

Proactive account management ensuring a culture of ongoing service and cost compression through regular consultation

Operational focus ensuring delivery consistency on a national basis

Timely information on matters which may impact on service

A commitment to be a long-term supplier and aligning our service provision with your clients’ goals

Client accessed, web-based POD availability, consignment tracking and pickup requests

XL Express is Australia’s only seamless break–bulk transport and logistics company